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Photos by WWF Photographer Jürgen FreundHusband and wife photographic team Jürgen and Stella Freund have travelled extensively with WWF in the C...

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Breakfast Club and Fast Times at Ridgemont High meet Zimbabwe

In a Q&A, Tatenda Mbudzi talks about using the silver screen to make a social impact.

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Texas Says 'No Thanks' to LGBT Discrimination

Everything is bigger in Texas, including apparently the legislature's desire to use religion and any other means to discriminate against gay...

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Protecting Cultural Heritage After the Nepal Quake

On April 25, 2015, Nepal suffered a magnitude 7.8 earthquake killing over 8,000 people and injuring thousands more. The quake damaged buildings ...

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We love dads! They play such an important role in our lives and in society, providing safety and vision for those under their care. Being a dad ...

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A Dozen Amazing Facts About Africa

Reverse clocks, flamethrowers on cars and, the oldest university in the world. Welcome to Africa.

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Carbon Pricing Is A $50 Billion Industry

As carbon pricing grows globally, new countries are supporting it as an important environmental initiative

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Hamas Against Palestinians

Hamas forces carried out a brutal campaign of abductions, torture and unlawful killings against Palestinians accused of “collaborating” with Isr...

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Factory Farms Dominate Livestock

Livestock farms are growing at an unsustainable rate. Read more of the shocking numbers that drive American consummation

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Colon Cancer: Catching It Early

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A War-Torn Family Battles An Uncertain Future

After a harrowing journey, Evia and her daughters found refuge from the conflict in Ukraine. But their struggles are far from over. Read this mo...

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Racial Bike Arrests In Tampa Bay Florida

Journalists Found A Shockingly Disproportionate Amount Of Bike Related Arrests In Tampa Bay.

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Devastating Photos of the Santa Barbara Oil Spill

Another devastating oil spill has permanently damaged a fragile ecosystem. After a pipeline rupture last week, tens of thousands of gallons of o...

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Are 'Womenomics' Working in Japan?

Shinzo Abe is trying to get Japan's underrepresented women into the workforce to boost the economy. One expert discusses what leaders are do...

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Empowering Students Through Computer Science

Claire Shorall (Bay Area '10) shares how teaching computer science empowers her high school students to develop problem solving skills for c...

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The Internet needs a lot of energy, and its footprint grows every day as we live more and more of our lives online. That’s why Greenpeace is cal...

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A journey through a small fishing island of Malaysia. Dangerous cyanide fishing and reef bombing could mean destruction of a majestic underwater...

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Help Bats. Save The Environment. Drink Mezcal.

No one can argue margaritas are delicious and refreshing. But there is a dark side to the tequila in your sweet cocktail. Here's why every t...

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Little People In The Philippines Dream Of A City To Call Their Own

Amidst the overly-dense capital of the Philippines, one disenfranchised group imagines a city they can call their own.


Cycling to Sandoa: The Riveting Ride Through The DRC

Against all advice, we had decided to cycle through the DRC. With little idea of what to expect, we pedalled into the vast, misunderstood, war-t...

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