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Giving Birth to Ideas

The evolution of humanity is in the midst of a cognitive revolution, the likes of which we’ve never seen.

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Hacking a Billboard

How do you get your message seen by 7 million people? You commit urban espionage with a Hong Kong skyscraper billboard...

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Too beautiful to be real? 16 surreal landscapes found on Earth

These bizarre locations may seem like a series of elaborate movie sets, but they are real destinations that you might want to visit for yourself...

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What is Literature for?

A short film made for the School of Life, explaining why on earth we read books and what they could do for us.

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How Vrindavan Widows Got Their Color Back

In many areas of the subcontinent, widows still suffer abuse & humiliation. Considered pariahs by patriarchal Indian society, they are stigm...

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The Brave And Difficult Lives Of Indian Transgender Females

A rare glimpse into the homes and lives of Indian transgender females that have been ostracized by their families and rejected by society.

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Dining Etiquette and Eating Customs Around the World

Eating at restaurants abroad can be a minefield of dining customs and etiquette faux pas. Brush up on the table manners of your chosen destinati...

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With brand new tech coming out every day it’s easy to ignore where the old devices go. You should probably learn the horrific truth.

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Pushing On

We all knew he was born to dance. You probably didn’t know he lived to dance. And eventually he died dancing.

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Philip Seymour Hoffman on Happiness

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s wisdom reaches far beyond the theater. His ideas on happiness and death provide enlightenment and understanding.

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Every Runner Has A Reason

Ronnie Goodman may well be San Francisco's most unexpected half-marathoner. This is the story of why he runs.

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$1,000,000 (One Million)

When someone walks into an art gallery they expect to see art. But when it hits them unexpectedly in the street, everything is candid emotion.

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The Slave Laborers Behind Your Computer

You won’t hear about this kind of slave labor in the news. See the most important thing no one is talking about.

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Ah the things we do for love. In our latest short film, Beth learns that matters of the heart can get a little wonky when donating blood is invo...

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Portraits of People and Their Hidden Passions

Photographers Ursula Sprecher and Andi Cortellini capture amateur astronomers, chess players, and more in their natural environment.

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Learning About Humanity on Public Transportation

There is no public transportation more recognizable or documented than the New York Subway. In it you'll find artists, scholars, bankers, an...

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Stimulant of the Masses

Meet the radical ex-priest who took on Brazil's military dictatorship.

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Kim Alsbrooks paints historical portraits and settings on trash. Although initially working out of Charleston, Kim now works and lives in Philad...

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Vanishing Island

This short documentary profiles residents of the Isle de Jean Charles in Louisiana, as they confront a future threatened by sinking shorelines a...

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Not Mine

This is my graduate project in 'Graphic Design' at the HIT college in Israel. My thesis is that nothing is original, therefore, none of ...

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